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Surviving a Recession

Finding New Business Opportunities Through Diversification


How to Market Your Business to Green Consumers


The Timeline and History of Plumbing Piping Systems


Radiant Exhibition Trade Show

Tips for trade show attendees and exhibitors


Residential Fire Sprinklers

System design and installation options


Tank-less water heaters

Applications in domestic water heating and combined space heating installations


CIPHEX Road Show

Observations on current trends in plumbing product design


Controls for Hydronic (hot water) heating systems

The emergence of digital technology and intuitive controls


Hydronic (hot water) heating vs. Forced-air heating

A factual examination of operational savings and relative system efficiencies


RadFest Trade Show

Regional influences on show exhibitors and trends in alternative fuel boilers


Brand recognition

How extracting the residual value that resides in legacy and historical brand names could influence your plumbing and heating business


Market intelligence

Strategies for market research and competitive analysis in the plumbing and heating business


Codes and Standards for plumbing and heating

Understanding the relationship between and application of Codes and Standards


Vitreous china plumbing fixtures

An explanation of how they are made


Domestic water supply pipe sizing

Background on how current methods were developed and the impact of these methods not having kept pace with the evolution of water-saving fixtures and devices


Urinals: water saving or water-less?

Examining the implications of LEED Standards on fixture selection and the subsequent impact on system design and installation


Currency Risk- A significant potential for profit leak

How the international nature of the plumbing and heating business impacts product pricing and re-sale profits


Leak Detection

Identifying various types of leaks and leak detection methods used in plumbing, heating and HVAC systems


Radiant Floor Heating and Cooling (RFH-RFC)

An examination of various construction methods and flooring assemblies and their impact on the election of tube fastening technology and system performance


Decorative water features as part of a building mechanical system

How water features can be integrated to improve air quality or supplement the efficacy of building heating or cooling systems


Diagnostic tools for the plumbing, heating and HVAC trades

Products for determining corrective action and efficiency in plumbing and mechanical systems


Ultra-low flush toilets

Understanding the true value of product ratings and the impact of water conservation legislation on product evolution


Marketing your plumbing and heating contracting business on the Internet

Things to consider as you plan to launch a new site or optimize your existing web presence


Re-circulating domestic hot water systems for the home

An overview of re-circulation and its impact on water savings and user convenience


Water use, re-use and conservation

The emergence of rain-water harvesting, water reclamation and grey water re-use


Domestic hot water safety in the home

How delivery temperature affects the production, delivery and safe use of hot water


Residential water pipe installation methods

An overview of the three most common piping design and installation methods used in new home construction today


The impact of Building Codes on plumbing installations

How plumbing system installations can be affected by Building Code requirements surrounding fire safety